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18th FINA World Championships New dates set for May 2022

18th FINA World Championships New dates set for May 2022

Kristina Miranda
Kristina Miranda

Following the Olympics along with the Euros, the World Swimming Championships also Dropped behind.

According to the new program, the event will probably be held in May 2022. The global Swimming Federation (FINA) stated in a media release.

Taking into consideration the situation brought on by the coronavirus, FINA chose to postpone it for a year after discussing it with a variety of federations. They also have taken the perspectives of different coaches seriously, beginning out from the TV host, the mayor of Fukuoka, the Japanese Swimming Federation, the coordinating committee.

In an announcement, FINA stated, The decision to maintain the 2021 World Championships in Fukuoka was created on May 13-29, 2022, in consultation with Fukuoka City, the Japan Swimming Federation, organizers, competitions, coaches, technical committee, and TV spouses and spouses.”‘

In this period of unprecedented doubt, the FINA expects the announcement of this new program is going to be a part of a very clear plan for most worried, stated Dr. Julio Cesar Maglione, President of the FINA. The contest will be held on the island of Kyushu in Japan. The contest will begin on May 31, 2022.