2-year-old shoots himself in head with grandma’s gun

A South Carolina toddler died after shooting himself in the head with his grandmother’s gun.

Two-year-old Kayden John Stuber of Greenville apparently found the gun in a handbag Thursday afternoon, according to a report. The boy died on the way to the hospital.

“Apparently he went into the grandmother’s purse that was sitting on the bed and in some way retrieved, was handling the gun when it discharged,” Greenville County Coroner Kent Dill told ABC News.

Grandmother Bekki Gunter was the boy’s main caretaker, grandfather Tim Gunter told The Greenville News.

“The first thing you’d hear when you wake up, you’d hear him pitter-patter right in my room, ‘Grandma? Papa?’” said Tim Gunter. “She would have him in the morning until he went to bed, basically.”

No charges have been filed.

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