2019 NBA Mock Draft: Vanderbilt's Darius Garland checks all the boxes to move up to the Pelicans at No. 4

Get ready for what has potential to be the most trade-heavy draft in NBA history.

New Orleans, Memphis and New York are seemingly locked in 1-3, but after that, it’s feeling like anything is possible. Over the weekend, the Pelicans acquired the Lakers’ pick at No. 4 in a blockbuster trade that will send Anthony Davis to Los Angeles. The Pelicans now have an asset they can deal before or on draft night — or they can stay put and cash in on two of the top four picks.

It’s going to set the tone for the rest of the lottery, which will have ripple effects on picks 15-60. It’s a near-certainty that Atlanta and Boston, both with three picks in the first round, will trade at least one of their slots. Sure, Zion, Ja and RJ are going to be the biggest stories, but the shipping of picks like the swapping of Halloween candy could be the theme that defines the night.

Here are the teams with multiple 2019 first-round picks:

  • Atlanta (3).
  • New Orleans (2).
  • Boston (3).
  • Cleveland (2).
  • San Antonio (2).
  • Brooklyn (2).
  • Grizzlies (2)

Things will get more chaotic in the second round, with the likes of the Hawks, 76ers, Celtics, Kings and Pelicans owning multiple picks. Many draft slots will be shipped. It’s plausible we see players picked to one franchise, only to be traded to another 30, 60, 90 minutes later. So with all this in mind, the mock draft posted below is much more aligned with my prospect rankings as opposed to (foolishly) attempting to forecast how each team will make their draft decisions.

If 20 of the 60 picks wind up getting traded, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

And if it feels like this draft sort of snuck up on you, well, it did. The NBA hasn’t held its draft this early in June since of 1986.

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