2020 MLB Draft Will Move To July

2020 MLB Draft Will Move To July

Fourteen days following Major League Baseball suspended operations because of the spread of this novel coronavirus team and the Players Association are nearing an agreement covering different logistical difficulties. Those problems include player reimbursement and support time calculations, in addition to the 2020 variant of this amateur draft, which has been scheduled to happen in June.

It looks like the draft will occur, but maybe not in its format or in its scheduled time. Instead, the draft is expected to be trimmed and transferred back by roughly a month, based on ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel. Furthermore, signing bonuses could be deferred in balls, and there is a cap put on the most signing bonus for all undrafted players.

Draft moved to July

No official date is known at this point, but the draft had originally been scheduled to take place from June 10 until June 12. If the month estimate is to be taken literally, then it could instead happen around mid-July, or when the All-Star Break was set to happen.

Presumably, the draft will not be held at the Holland Center in Omaha, Nebraska, either. This was going to be the first time it was held in conjunction with the College World Series, but it seems more likely that MLB will be forced to change plans, and perhaps even throw things back to the days when the draft was by and large conducted as a conference call.