Canelo Álvarez on Julio César Chávez: "He didn't earn that much money

Canelo Álvarez on Julio César Chávez: “He didn’t earn that much money because they managed him”

Canelo Álvarez is one of the highest-paid athletes not only in the world of boxing but also rubs shoulders with soccer players and more. On the subject of earnings, Saúl explained why Julio César Chávez did not earn as much money as he did.

“ Chávez was able to earn a lot of money. At the time De La Hoya , how much were they earning at the time? A lot of money, but the difference is that Julio César Chávez was managed, ”he said in an interview for the La Saga program.

It should be noted that Saúl Álvarez manages his entire career through his own promoter. This generates more profit and the money flows directly to the fighter.

“Here with me, every beer you drink, every ticket you buy is mine, because I got involved and experimented, it’s mine, the one who is with me is a co-promoter. Everything that the television fight generates, the PPV (Pay Per View), whatever, 80 percent is mine,” added Canelo Álvarez.


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