Gegard Mousasi Likes Being Busy Ahead of Bellator 282

Gegard Mousasi Likes Being Busy Ahead of Bellator 282

At 185 pounds, Gegard Mousasi faced Johnny Eblen to defend his Middleweight World Championship. The event, promoted by Bellator MMA, took place at Mohegan Sun Arena on June 24, 2022, with the fight serving as the main event.

At this occasion, Gegard is donning his personalized Xmartial MMA shorts. Only a select few mixed martial artists can match Mousasi’s 50 MMA victories and 6 Bellator championships. Johnny “The Human Cheat Code” is the rival. Eblen, a member of American Top Team, has a strong wrestling resume. In 2015, he qualified for the NCAA tournament. Eblen, who is now undefeated with 11 victories, will be fighting for the first time for a world title; he is the top contender for the Middleweight World Championship.

All three judges gave the Eblen-Mousasi main event a unanimous 50-45 score, giving Eblen the victory. Mousasi’s cool and composed attitude stood in contrast to Eblen’s aggressive drive. Eblenga’s strong right stroke to Mousasi’s nose in the opening round instantly caused chaos.

Mousasi was able to quickly knock down Eblen, but Eblen was able to recover, get back to his feet, reverse the pin, and continue to punch, which led to Mousasi being taken down. During the final seconds of the first round, while the two combatants struggled, Mousasi was able to escape the back take and regain his composure to stand.

A soft left jab from Mousasi in the second round provided Eblen with a chance for a successful takedown. Although Mousasi was edging his way out of Eblen’s strong side control position, he was not allowing him get comfortable. A butterfly guard and sweep were recovered by Mousasi, but Eblen quickly retaliated by applying pressure to gain Mousasi’s back. Eblen attempted to take down Mousasi once again, but he managed to evade and get himself back up. The final minute of the second round saw both competitors sluggish.

In the third round, Eblen employed combination combinations as Mousasi retaliated with single jab punches. Even down to the final blow, Eblen’s relentless barrage of blows was successful.

With his sixth takedown in the fourth round, Eblen clearly felt confident. Eblen is applying pressure to obtain a back take while Mousas once more finds himself with his back against the cage. The fight was brought to a standing posture by Mousasi’s ability to slip and maneuver through the choppy waves, but at the very last second, he was knocked to the ground. In the last seconds of the round, Eblen attempted to keep him on the ground, but Mousasi was able to escape.

The fifth and final round demonstrated how hard Eblen was working on his striking and combinations. Once more, Moussasi was removed, and he was under constant pressure to remain there.

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