WBA and IBA sign an agreement to change the future of boxing

The presidents of both organizations signed a treaty with 10 clauses that aims to combine amateur and professional boxing in order to give sportsmen from all over the world more opportunities. They quickly made their opinions known in comparison to the other rental boxing businesses.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is still keeping an eye on the International Boxing Association (IBA), formerly known as the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA), which was suspended as a result of financial, administrative, and arbitral irregularities that surfaced after the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A new phase begins with the World Boxing Association (WBA), one of the most well-known organizations in the rented sector, in 2023.

The lawsuit alleges anomalies in the results of three contests held by the then-IBA, including the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Renowned academic Richard McLaren was in charge of making the allegation public. Though its inclusion in the Los Angeles 2028 schedule is still up in the air, amateur boxing is still able to make very significant strides for the sport’s future despite this.

The WBA entered this equation by signing a ten-point agreement with the IBA with the aim of promoting and integrating amateurism with professionalism. The World Boxing Tour, which aims to provide competitions that give points for amateur boxers, and the WBA Academy, which will be vital in the administration and production of new events, are two of the most noteworthy aspects.

The examination and potential reorganization of IBA rules as well as initiatives to educate officials are two elements that may hint at the future of Olympic boxing. Umar Kremlev, president of the International Boxing Association, was one of several who commented about it: “Within the IBA, we are constructing a world home for boxing. The future of boxing as a sport may be secured by the IBA and WBA’s collaboration; we want to create a link between the two groups and expand the opportunities available to all boxers worldwide.

Continuing with the WBA Academy, another novelty will be the help that will be given in the growth of amateur athletes, through selected programs, in order to obtain, in the future, an optimal integration into professional boxing. The president of the WBA, Gilberto Jesús Mendoza , did not hesitate to note his happiness: “This agreement with the IBA is something that will bring many benefits to boxing. I have always had the motto that boxing is one and being able to bring the most important entity in professional boxing closer to the most outstanding entity in amateur boxing is a huge step towards achieving our goals and integrating this great sport”.

Finally, the health of the boxers was not an issue that went unnoticed in the conversations between the members of both entities. It was confirmed that there will be a cooperation in the search to deepen the safety and health protocols of the boxers.


Although the presidents of the other three most significant professional boxing organizations have also spoken, exclusively with Boxeo de Primera, the opinions of the two principal entities of this relationship have already been made public. While one of them remembered the nationality of the IBA boss and said that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine made now not the best moment for the agreement, the other two opted to be more cautious.

One of those who made the decision to make clear the objectives of his organization, which is dedicated solely to professional boxing, was Daryl Peoples: “The IBF supports the Olympic movement and amateur boxing in general. We are a professional boxing association, though. We congratulate the IBA on its reform efforts. However, I don’t believe we will participate in the IBA’s governance.

Paco Valcarcel decided to recall the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, revalidating the decision taken by the four organizations to take extreme measures against the Russian boxers:“For the OMB, the joint announcement we made with the other three organizations regarding the sanction of Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, and that the killings of civilians be certified, was very important. We stop sanctioning regional and world titles in Russia and with boxers residing in Russia, although we maintain those who reside abroad, such as Berterbiev, who lives in Canada. We all know that amateur boxing is run by Russia. Therefore, regardless of the merits of the WBA agreement, I consider it highly imprudent to do so at this time when Russia persists in its belligerent attitude. Boxing must be united and committed to Peace”.

One of the most affected was the World Boxing Council (WBC), which in January 2022 made public the desire to cooperate with the IBA and the IOC, so that the discipline is present in the Los Angeles 2028 program. Mauricio Sulaiman did not was slow to rule on the matter: “Each agency has independence and autonomy. We have been consistent with our position on the Olympic Games and the situation of amateur boxing around the world. There are definitely many topics to study, understand and explain, something we do constantly. The WBC has its own position and we respect what everyone does on their own.”

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