2023 World's Strongest Viking

2023 World’s Strongest Viking: Preview, Schedule, Live Online, Venue, Start Time

It’s time for one of the most entertaining sporting events in the calendar year, ‘2023 World’s Strongest Viking’, where fans will experience inhumane power skills right before their eyes.

World’s Strongest Viking 2023 Preview:

In the 2023 World’s Strongest Viking competition, fourteen players will be competing against each other for the title, with joint most three players from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, two local players, and one player each from Finland, Estonia, and Denmark. Talking more about the event, in this 40+ age group competition, the youngest competitor is 40, while the oldest participant is 56.

Moving forward, several mind-blowing actions are performed by some heavy human beings, blowing fans’ minds away. Several events, like Vehicle Pull, Press for Reps, Power Stairs, Wheel of Pain, Hercules’s Hold, and Atlas Stone Medley, are played in the competition.

It’s worth mentioning that competition’s scoring system will be the Reverse placing point system, with no lift equalling zero points (WSM system).

World’s Strongest Viking 2023 Lineup:

The following players are participating in the 2023 World’s Strongest Viking:

* Veli-Pekka Kauhanen – Finland

* Romek Velt – Estonia

* Ken McClelland – United States

* Johan Espenkrona – Sweden

* Michael Bishop – United Kingdom

* Vaughn Sikorski – United States

* Ole Martin Hansen – Norway

* Mark Felix – United Kingdom

* Ryan Myler – United Kingdom

* Fredrik Svensson – Sweden

* Øyvind Gustavsen – Norway

* Peter Rundberg – Sweden

* Eric Dawson – United States

* Lars Besand – Denmark

2023 World’s Strongest Viking Schedule:

* Event 1: Viking Press for Reps 155Kg

* Event 2: Viking Ship Pull 3500Kg

* Event 3: Power Stairs

* Event 4: Wheel of Pain 200Kg

* Event 5: Hercules’s Hold 150Kg

* Event 6: Atlas Stone Medley

The Venue, Date, and Start Time:

* Venue: Fefor, Vinstra, Norway

* Date: Friday, February 24, 2023 – Saturday, February 25, 2023

Start Time:

* Friday, 24th February: 6:00 pm Norwegian Time / 5:00 pm GMT

* Saturday, February 25: 11:00 am Norwegian Time / 10:00 am GMT

World’s Strongest Viking 2023 Live Streaming:

Fans from all over the world can live stream the event through below mentioned live streaming site:

* officialstrongman.com (subscription required)

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