Damon Hill crudely analyzed the possibilities of Checo Pérez

Former Formula 1 world champion with Willimas in 1996, Damon Hill , made a strong criticism of the ‘ dispute ‘ of interests within Red Bull Racing in an exclusive interview with Motorsport . The Briton analyzed the situation of Max Verstappen , how he will play his cards and the possibilities of Sergio Checo Pérez .

The 2023 Formula 1 season has finished just 2 events of the 23 scheduled on the annual calendar. But in Red Bull there have already begun to be rumors of conflicting interests between the claims of Max Verstappen and the possibilities of Checo Pérez . The world champion won the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Mexican was second; at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix the positions were reversed and the Dutchman is one point higher in the drivers’ table because he ‘ stole ‘ the fastest lap (which grants an extra point) at the last gasp at the Jeddah Croniche Circuit. The question that the entire paddock and the F1 fans are asking is: can Checo compete for the title with Max ?

” Red Bull is a difficult environment. They don’t hug you and say ‘we’ll take care of you, don’t worry ‘. ‘Czech’ has people by his side and we’ll see how it develops. Whatever happens, the Verstappens are not going to stay “I don’t know. They looked at the situation with their arms crossed. It was seen after Saudi Arabia that Max was… I’d say sulking isn’t too strong a word. He seemed very unhappy with how things went. They don’t like to be second,” Damon Hill said , posing throughout that the father and son duo, Max and Jos Verstappen , are an indissoluble formula.

Although the freedom to compete between the Dutch and the Mexican will be a team decision, and the Czech will hardly be able to keep up with Verstappen , it is a possibility that greatly annoys the current two-time world champion. He does not want internal competition, he wants to consecrate himself again with Pérez at his service, as he did in 2021 ; he is the first pilot and must have the corresponding privileges.

“I think the problem is that Max has a strong personality and, within the team, it’s about how much pressure he can put to make sure that his championship aspirations aren’t interfered with by ‘Checo’,” the former world champion began . Damon Hill , commentator for Sky Sports F1 .

“From a sporting point of view, I think they have to let ‘Checo’ have every opportunity to fight on equal terms within that team. Because I know that the pressure from the Verstappens, from his father too, on Red Bull it will be intense. He will be taking out the card of saying: ‘I am your future. All the opportunity is built around me’, and he will seek to take advantage, “he added; knowing the egos inside the paddock and knowing how Max and Jos Verstappen can present the situation .

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