Maravilla Martínez publicly challenged Chino Maidana to a fight

“There, Simón says that we need an exhibition between Maravilla Martínez and Chino Maidana,” Martínez started, before a follower’s comment. Then he doubled the bet and said that he did not want an exhibition, but “a real fight, a serious fight” and encouraged online followers to write to Chino to accept the proposal.

The native of Quilmes, along the same lines, followed something ironic with his challenge: Do you have them well placed Chino? Do you have what to wear? Do you have them or do you not? Because I’m encouraged. I am Sergio Gabriel Maravilla Martínez and I am challenging you to box in 2023, set the date, and let’s go forward. I am a fan and follower of yours, but I also challenge you so that you and I, and no one else, get into a ring.”

Last fight of both

Sergio Martínez (57-3-2, 32 ko), 48, fought again in March of this year, where he defeated Colombian John Teherán (18-3-0, 15 ko) by KO1. After 10 years without doing it in Argentina , Luna Park received the ring and opened its doors exclusively for the guests of the Ringo series presentation.

Marcos Maidana, 39, has not officially fought since September 13, 2014, when he was defeated by Floyd Maywather at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although he suggested returning to the ring several times, in an amateur way, Chino retired from professional boxing with 35 fights won, 31 by knockout and 5 losses.


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