45 Best Colleges Ranked By Girls Looks

The 2018 Colleges with Most Attractive Girls ranking is based on reviews from students and alumni. At top-ranked colleges both male and female students report that their female peers on campus are very attractive.

45. Stanford University

Stanford University
Stanford girls get an unfair reputation for being bookish and not all that attractive, but if you want to date a future political power player or high profile attorney this is the place to go. And power (not to mention money) is pretty awesome in itself. Outgoing, social, but everyone is secretly a nerd. Very athletic culture – even the non-athletes find being fit very important. Obviously a lot of geeky people, but for a school this academic, a surprising amount of “normal” people.

44. Washington State University

Washington State University
The girls of Pullman are very solid, and the school is blessed with some of the prettiest cheerleaders in the country. The face of this sport changed nationwide during 1930 to 1940 as female athletes introduced gymnastics and acrobatics into cheerleading.

43. TCU

Which to believe, the “Christian” or the mascot which might as well be called a toad? Either way, there’s nothing wrong with a nice girl going through her fun college phase, and there are plenty of pretty girls at TCU doing just that. The Basketball Team of Texas Christian University is for some strange known as ‘The Frogs’. Why would someone name these Princesses Frogs?

42. Indiana University

Indiana University
Everyone loves the corn fed midwestern girls, including Newsweek who recently named Indiana University “the prettiest big state school in the nation”. I’m not sure they were talking about the same thing we’re discussing here, but it works. We have to be open-minded about the good we read and how we comprehend it.

41. University of Missouri

University of Missouri
University of Missouri women love their football, and they had a lot to cheer about this past season when the Tigers finished fifth in the country. You always tend to love the game more when your team performs well. And we have a lot to happy about when it comes to fans that look like the four above. Who wouldn’t want to cheer the football team with such gorgeous fans.

40. Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt spends much of its time getting pushed around the SEC, what with it being the token “smart” school in the conference, but its women manage to hold their own. You get a particularly wealthy and cultured type of southern girl at Vanderbilt. Also, most of the girls are in sororities, which means they are probably easy and drunk most of the time. Or maybe I’ve watched too many college movies, one or the other.

39. University of Iowa

University of Iowa
University of Iowa girls are stereo-typically innocent and pure of heart, possibly because of all the stereotypical corn they are eating. But then again there’s the old stereotype about the farmer’s daughter … which to believe? The girls around campus can be shy, but once you start talking to them, they open up. It seems like a strong majority of the campus is looking for a special person, either for a night or for a long-term relationship.

38. Purdue University

Purdue University
Purdue and Indiana probably should have been tied for this list, but we’ll give the edge to Purdue based on the slightly higher perceived intelligence. Gentlemen, Purdue is not without its share of female beauties. After all, the former Miss Indiana and her first runner-up were both students of Purdue, and a jaunt past any sorority house will show you that, indeed, pretty women are everywhere.

37. Penn State University

Penn State University
Girls tend to take more pride in their appearance (or are just more interested in attracting attention). On a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, the majority of girls get pretty dressed up, guys make themselves presentable, and people look to meet each other. The girls here live in a place called Happy Valley. The name holds up. Plus they can apparently hold things with their feet, which is weirdly awesome.

36. Oklahoma University

Oklahoma University
Oklahoma girls clearly know how to dress for a football game. Major points for that. Greek-life is a huge thing here so there’s a lot of sorority-type girls here. There are many students who dress attractively and look nice at all times. There are also athletic students who don’t care to dress up everyday there are also poor students who cant afford to dress up every day.

35. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

 University of Nebraska
When even the mascot mentions corn I think you know what you’re getting into here. More with the wholesome and sweet. UNL is not quite as sex-crazed as many other large public universities, but it’s not entirely celibate, either. Campus legend says that if a girl goes through her four years at UNL without hooking up, then one of the school’s beloved columns will topple. As of today, they’re all standing.

34. University of Colorado – Boulder

University of Colorado
Pretty girls aren’t just attracted to beaches and sunshine, they also love the snow. The University of Colorado has had a ski club since 1933, and it’s the largest collegiate ski club in the country. Bring your Visa cards, boys, if you want any action from these girls! But, if you want a girl who isn’t too much for your pocket book, the most natural beauties from all over can be found wandering the campus buildings and sidewalks.

33. North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University
This is stereotypically expected, since NCSU is recognized as an engineering school, which tends to attract more males than females. However, with programs like Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), the female population is on the rise, and the boy-to-girl ratio is evening out. North Carolina State suffers in comparison to its rival in Chapel Hill, but it shouldn’t because the girls here are top notch.

32. University of Michigan

University of Michigan
Michigan is one of the finer public schools in the country, so not only will you find some pretty girls, she’ll probably be able to hold a conversation with you. Due to Michigan’s cold weather, many students drown in oversize sweatshirts to keep warm. On the weekends, however, regardless of temperatures, girls will sport their most flattering shirts and skirts.

31. University of Illinois

University of Illinois
Nothing better than a gorgeous girl who is also smart, and the University of Illinois, embraces that belief to the fullest. A creative student at UofI put together a “Girls of Engineering” for the 2007 year and the picture above graced the cover. Sign me up for the 2008 edition.

30. Duke University

Duke University
Morgan Reid is an extremely attractive soccer star at Duke University. They called her “The Hottest NCAA Athlete in the Country”, although we didn’t research upon it, but we happily agree. I’m sure Tool Vitale would have Duke’s women #1 in the land, but I think this is pretty fair. I’m sure Duke fans will be upset when they see further down the list that North Carolina has trumped them again.

29. University of Utah

University of Utah
Everyone knows it I think, Mormon girls are generally pretty. But I’m guessing you get a slightly less crazy student body at Utah than you do at BYU, which is why we went with the Utes for our list. There are a lot of married students at the U. However, this should not discourage you from trying to find love on campus.

28. University of North Carolina at Chapel HillGuys & Girls

University of North Carolina at Chapel HillGuys & Girls
Carolina offers many opportunities to meet people of the opposite sex for friendship or something more. There are parties, clubs, organizations, sports, and many communal places that students meet up. Powder blue is a good color on most girls, and UNC co-eds wear it especially well. They also have a reputation as being slightly less bookish than their Duke counterparts, which, for the purposes of this list anyway, is a good thing.

27. Michigan State University

Michigan State University
Michigan State girls have the reputation of being a little slower than their Michigan sisters who go to school in Ann Arbor. But who cares when they look like this? I’d definitely prefer to find myself in Lansing. Most students agree that some of the most attractive members of either sex attend MSU, and with the prominent bar and party scene off campus, there are plenty of opportunities to meet someone interesting.

26. UNLV – University of Nevada – Las Vegas

UNLV - University of Nevada - Las Vegas
You know that girls attending college in Sin City are going to be pretty. Common sense would suggest the gorgeous student population is probably higher at UNLV than any other college in the country. Beyond the cookie cutter looks, the artsy girls, geeks, punk rockers, and Asian fashionistas are eye candy as well. Just keep in mind, though, that not everyone is looking for love.

25. Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University
The University of the Pacific has been the setting for many Hollywood movies, including Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which I’m sure is what brings in the hotties. That or the beautiful California weather. Either way, Pacific boasts a 58% female population, making it an ideal setting for any guy.

24. Ohio State University

Ohio State University
Ohio State is usually the largest University in the country (sometimes slipping to number two behind Texas), so it’s pretty much impossible not to find gorgeous girls. When you’ve got a sample size of 25k+ you’re always going to be in good shape. The feeling around campus is pretty upbeat, and there are many places to go searching for a specific type of girl.

23. University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky
Kentucky girls are some of the sweetest you’ll ever find, and if you’re a basketball fan then these girls are right up your alley because they are probably more basketball crazy than any other college in the country. Legend has it they make pretty sweet mint juleps too. After supposedly being chosen as having the most attractive girls in the SEC by Playboy magazine several years running, UK has quite a reputation.

22. University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin
When I started this list I had Wisconsin buried in the bottom half of this list, but I had to bump them after seeing picture after picture of ridiculously pretty Badger women. Maybe its the cheese, I’m not sure. But they certainly earned their bump.

21. Ole Miss – University of Mississippi

Ole Miss - University of Mississippi
Anyone who has spent any time in the Grove on a fall Saturday can tell you that Ole Miss is teeming with beautiful women. The football team generally has a tough time, but the girls more than makes up for it. Plus you have to love a school where the slogan is “we may have lost the game, but we’ve never lost a party”. As the numbers show, the girls outnumber the guys at Ole Miss. This is great for the guys, but not so much for the girls. Even though the men are so outnumbered, it seems that there’s never a shortage of guys to date.

20. University of South Florida

University of South Florida
Surprising fact not too many people probably realize: USF is the ninth largest school in the country, as measured by student population. Not so surprising fact: lots and lots of pretty girls go to USF, drawn by the gorgeous Tampa weather. It’s not difficult to find attractive members of the opposite sex around campus. Guys can catch USF’s loveliest ladies basking in the summer sun in tank tops, shorts, and summer dresses.

19. University of Washington

University of Washington
The Huskies features lots of pretty back to nature type of girls who are attending the school because of the beautiful natural setting. Mt. Ranier is visible from campus, and the school sits at the edge of the Union and Portage Bays. Girls with flat abs and muscled legs can regularly be seen jogging near campus, lifting weights in the AC, and playing fast-paced ultimate Frisbee or soccer in the Swamp or Mudd field.

18. University of Alabama

University of Alabama
Getting seriously into the stereotypical southern college girl when it comes to the University of Alabama, and that’s a good thing. These girls are nearly always in tip top shape and looking their best, leading to their high ranking. They wear dresses to football games, what more can you ask for? You won’t find everyone to be a supermodel, but don’t fret if that’s what you’re into. There’s plenty of eye-candy to go around.

17. University of Miami (FL)

University of Miami
Like UCLA, Miami’s campus is located in a place known for its beautiful women. This definitely extends to the campus as tons of pretty girls are drawn to attend by the Miami sunshine. There are plenty of great places around Miami to take a date, as far as restaurants and nightspots go. But finding someone on campus who fulfills your emotional needs, as well as your physical ones, might prove challenging. All the best!

16. University of Kansas

University of Kansas
Jayhawk women are as passionately invested in their basketball teams as anyone else around, and while their beauty is of the salt of the earth country variety it can’t be downplayed. Kansas is unfairly maligned as flyover country, but you’re missing out on some real gems if you think that way.

15. Clemson University

Clemson University
We’re going to establish pretty clearly in this list that southern girls are pretty, and Clemson girls are a great example. Kind of a middle of the pack ACC school, but they have some of the prettiest women in the conference. Major bonus points for their knockout cheerleaders. It is even rumored that once the weather gets warm in March, class attendance for males seems to reach an unusual high. Coincidentally, the number of females sunbathing on Bowman Field also reaches an annual high.

14. University of California, Berkeley

University of California
Cal has a long tradition of being a politically active college campus, so if you’re into the save the world types you’ll probably find a girl students right up your alley in Berkeley. Plus pole vaulting internet legend Allison Stokke goes there, so that’s a pretty big plus. Tell me a single person who doesn’t want to study in a college where girls and athletes like Allison Stokke study. I am not going to miss such an opportunity if it ever comes my way.

13. University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas
Don’t be surprised when you see three girls every day that you would marry on the spot. Game days are when the ladies really like to dress up and support the Hogs, and there isn’t anything sexier than a cut-up Hogs T-shirt. Anyone who has lived in the south can tell you about southern girls, and they are still plenty pretty even in states that have less than stellar reputations. Hoo pig sooey! But totally in a good way.

12. University of Texas

University of Texas
One word: chaps. They make for some of the prettiest cheerleaders in the country. Like Ohio State, the University of Texas is absolutely massive, so no matter your taste in women you’ll be able to find it here. The girls here are hot and they enjoy going to class for the eye candy, if nothing else. Guys definitely make sure that they attend the class because of the girls.

11. University of Oregon

University of Oregon
Oregon is supposedly one of the healthiest states in the country, and you can absolutely see that represented with its college women. The Ducks football jerseys take a lot of heat, but in my opinion they actually work on females. The colors especially look great on Ducks cheerleaders. Students all agree that spring term is the best time in Eugene, when you can see what’s been hidden from you in cold winter.

10. Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University
Cajun girls have irresistible accents that make them extra attractive. LSU also has great cheerleaders, and their marching band even gets into the act, featuring a subunit called the LSU Golden Girls. Maybe it’s the tan skin or that Southerners rarely have to bundle like polar bears in winter clothing, but for most people, a walk around LSU’s campus is undeniably a glance at some really attractive folks.

9. University of Georgia

University of Georgia
Girls are pretty,smart,and very responsible,but fun and outgoing. Its the perfect package. Generally speaking, the girls here are a lot more liberal and open-minded than reserved. There’s still a lot of Scarlett O’Hara in Georgia girls. Like most southern women they take a huge amount of pride in their appearance, so it’s unlikely you’re going to see Bulldog girls wearing sweatpants and baggy sweatshirts all that often. Which is a definite plus.

8. Auburn University

Auburn University
Another southern school with girls who know how to look good, Auburn features a huge number of Sorority girls (34 percent of Auburn women pledge). Fall Saturdays features all kinds of pretty Auburn girls on display, especially during the “Tiger Walk”, a tradition where fans line Donahue Drive to cheer on the team as they walk from Sewell Hall to the Auburn football stadium. Girls generally tend to take good care of themselves by working out. On top of good looks, students at Auburn are also friendly and outgoing.

7. UCLA – University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA - University of California
Los Angeles features some of the most beautiful women on earth, in small part thanks to UCLA women. Great cheerleaders and an area with tons of girls who want to end up in the entertainment industry equals a pretty high rating. Being in Southern California certainly boosts UCLA’s grades for hotness. Students take care of themselves and are always tan and groomed. The gym is the place to see and be seen—Bruins don’t mess around when it comes to treadmills.

6. University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina
The girls are beautiful even when many of them may fall into the typical Southern belle category. They are the blonde and the beautiful, complete with a distinctive Southern drawl and, of course, boasting a perfect golden-brown tan from hours out in the hot Carolina sun. It’s really hard to resist cracking a Gamecocks joke here (even harder than avoiding a “Crimson Tide” one above), so I’ll just say South Carolina women easily live up to their reputation as gorgeous Southern belles.

5. University of Arizona

University of Arizona
I never thought of Arizona as a pretty girl mecca, but apparently I should have. Arizona women are drop dead gorgeous, appropriately enough for the climate. I don’t think a guy can ever think of not taking an admission here as a first priority because the girls would keep you company day and night.

4. University of Florida

University of Florida
The University of Florida takes more pride in its women than the vast majority of schools in America. Any Google Image search with a variation of the words “University of Florida girls” will show you that, and Gator fans definitely are justified in that pride. Basically, the sorority girls have their own style. They mainly wear dresses and stylish sandals to class or Nike running shorts. Whether you are going out on the town or just heading to class, chances are you will see someone who is attractive.

3. Florida State University

Florida State University
Florida State’s athletics have fallen from prominence a bit lately, but the school still boasts some of the best looking women in America. Florida State features Uber Seminoles fan Jenn Sterger, a girl made famous simply for showing up to Florida State football games wearing something not so sophisticated. The warm weather offers ample opportunity to bask in the sun. It also gives people a chance to show a little more curves. It can sometimes be distracting during the summer months, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that complains about it.

2. University of Southern California

University of Southern California
USC has the prettiest cheerleaders, hands down, in the country, and that excellence filters down to the rest of the student body. You really can’t lose going to school at either of the major Los Angeles universities. Girls are downright beautiful, well dressed, and well spoken. USC has faces that you want to love, but how can you decide on which one to fall for?

1. Arizona State University

Arizona State University
When first making this list, USC was slotted in at the top, but after doing some research it became clear that Arizona State was going to have to be # 1. Arizona State girls seemingly go to great lengths at sporting events to outdo one another when it comes to looks, which is great since we all benefit from their competitiveness. A website/calendar company called Tempe12 started by selling a calendar filled with pretty Arizona State women out of a guy’s bedroom, and was so successful its now a large and thriving business. That tells you everything you need to know.