7 Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

7 Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

Every city, town and even village in Ukraine is unexplored romantic places, buildings, structures, streets, lakes, islands, and much more. Ukraine is full of beautiful and picturesque places that are simply permeated with the greatest feeling on earth – love.

  1.   Monument to Lovers, Kharkiv

It was built in 2002. It is interesting that the monument was built according to the sketch, which won in a special competition among student architects. Romantic Ukrainians come up with ritual. Couples should sprinkle lips with water from the fountain and kiss for having a long and full of a love relationship.

  1.   Tunnel of Love, Klevan

Although this romantic area is not in the city but for the sake of love, it’s worth the risk, isn’t it? Everyone heard about the Tunnel of Love but not everyone visited it. If you belong to those who like exploring different places, then this is a good moment to fix this tourist white spot in your life.

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  1.   Island of Lovers, Ternopil

The island of lovers, located in the middle of the Ternopil pond, is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Ukraine! Legends say that it is on this island that the “spirit of the city” lives, which patronizes couples. Rumor has it that if the lovers look at the mirror surface of the water for a long time, they will be able to see their future there. This is a wonderful place to give each other vows of eternal fidelity, right?

  1. AndriyivskyyDescentKiev

There are many places in Kyiv where two people in love can enjoy real romance. Walking along the Andriyivskyy Descent will be a journey through the centuries where every courtyard and house is shrouded in ancient legends. You should definitely visit the Landscape Alley – this is where reality is combined with a fabulous, magical atmosphere. You can feel the unusual and romantic energy even in cloudy weather, and by touching the 400-year-old linden growing opposite the Historical Museum, you can strengthen your love and family relationships. The observation deck offers a magnificent view of the colorful and vibrant neighborhoods of Vozdvizhenka.

  1.   Old Castle, Kamianets-Podilskyi

This castle is a real visiting card of the city, which is also one of the most romantic places. Here, the air is saturated with legends of bygone days, and the magnificent towers and fortifications amaze with their power. The Turkish bridge, which is one of the oldest in Ukraine, leads to the fortress. It is along its railing that lovers attach locks as a symbol of their love.

  1.   Italian Courtyard, Lviv

Reminiscent of courtyards typical of Rome and Florence, the Italian courtyard in Lviv is like a time machine! Once here, you seem to plunge into those times when the concepts of romance were completely different from what they are now! Today an Italian cafe is open in the Italian courtyard and jazz and classical concerts are held there. The atmosphere of the Renaissance and European greatness reigns here! Where, if not here, you can spend time with your loved one?

  1.   Bridge and Clock of Love, Zaporizhzhya

On the Zaporizhzhya bridge of love, you will not be left alone – this is a very popular place. Near the bridge, there is a cascade of Rainbow fountains. The Cossacks convince that the aura of love doesn’t disappear from here despite any season or weather. Also, in Zaporizhzhya, there is a clock of love. It is a romantic monument. The clock acquired romance thanks to the newlyweds who consider it one of the main attributes of a wedding rendezvous