95 NFL players are positive of corona virus: NFLPA

95 NFL players are positive of corona virus: NFLPA

The NFL Players Association announced 95 athletes have tested positive for COVID-19 as of Tuesday.

The results come as teams begin welcoming rookies to training camps, with full rosters expected to report by NFLPA July 28

The marriage made daily studying a significant priority because training camps willing to start. On Saturday, Numerous notable NFL players A last second call Monday involving your group and marriage resolved a few of the difficulties. Because of this, players are going to get daily coronavirus evaluations for your own first a couple of weeks of training camp. At there, test frequency can vary based on if you will find fewer positive evaluations one of the teams.

The NFLPA harshly pushed for anyone safety precautions to ensure rookies would truly feel safe at training camp. Rookies were put to record July 2 1, though one or more team -- that the greenbaypackers -- forced back that date.

For different teams, both quarterbacks and wounded players will record July 2-3. The rest of the seasoned players will probably record July 28. Source of News Yahoo & NFLPA