Ira Khan, boyfriend Mishaal Kirpalani

Ira Khan’s cosy moments with boyfriend Mishaal KirpalaniInstagram

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan is head over heels in love with her boyfriend Mishaal Kirpalani and she often shares some lovey-dovey moments on her Instagram. She recently shared a video wherein she is seen having a great time slow dancing with Mishaal at a night club. The lovebirds looked happy together during the moment but Ira’s cosy dance with her boyfriend has irked some of her followers who have now started throwing nasty comments on her.

Shaming Ira Khan for getting too close to her boyfriend and hugging him tightly, one user vented out his frustation and said that it’s a sin for a girl to hug anyone before marriage and started reminding her that she is Aamir Khan’s daughter. Another user said that she was bringing shame to Aamir Khan‘s name for the public display of such acts while some said that she was spoiling other girls by uploading such cosy videos on social media.

However, there were many people who were in awe of their Ira and Mishaal’s loving chemistry and wished their relationship should culminate in a marriage.

On May 10, Ira celebrated her 21st birthday with her boyfriend who had bag full of surprises for his ladylove to make her feel special in every way possible.

Ira Khan, boyfriend Mishaal Kirpalani

Ira Khan, boyfriend Mishaal KirpalaniInstagram

Ira has always stayed away from all the media galore, but she’s quite active on social media. She not only shares her own pictures but also pictures taken by her, be it of nature, of dogs, of sea life, of works of art, of the beach or simply shots with her best friends and some of her memorable moments with her dad Aamir Khan.

She Khan is interested in acting and may make her acting debut sooner than her elder brother Junaid Khan, who is more into theatre, as per Aamir Khan.

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