After 29 long years, Pakistan is going to host the ICC tournament

After 29 long years, Pakistan is going to host the ICC tournament

After 29 years, Pakistan got the responsibility of hosting the ICC tournament again. The ICC has released the schedule of all the tournaments till 2031 on Tuesday. It has been informed there that the 2025 Champions Trophy will be held in Pakistan. Pakistan has never hosted a single ICC tournament before. In other words, for the first time in 2025, they got the responsibility to organize an ICC tournament alone.

Although Pakistan has never hosted the T20 World Cup and the Champions Trophy, it hosted the ODI World Cup twice in 1987 and 1996. However, they hosted the tournament jointly with India in 1987 and with India and Sri Lanka in 1996. This is the first time that the ICC has given Pakistan the responsibility of hosting a single tournament.

After 2017, the Champions Trophy is going to be held again in 2025. Coincidentally, Sarfaraz Ahmed's Pakistan became the champion after losing to India for the last time in England. They have not won an ICC tournament since.

There has been no Indo-Pak bilateral series since 2012. One country after another has canceled their visit to Pakistan in the last few years. As a result, Babar was forced to play all the tournaments in UAE.

There is even fog surrounding the upcoming tour of Australia. Some Aussie cricketers do not want to go to Pakistan. It remains to be seen whether any board will speak out against the ICC's decision.