After an AEW star’s arrest, a police incident report was made public

The startling report surfaced on Friday, August 18, 2023, when AEW star Cash Wheeler was arrested in Orlando, Florida. Yes, you heard it right, famous AEW fighter and AEW Tag-Team Champion Cash Wheeler was arrested in Orlando, Florida. Since the news of Cash Wheeler’s arrest broke out on the internet, the AEW community is in shock.

This news is taking over the internet by storm. People and AEW fans are eager to know the charges levied against the fighter. Why was Cash Wheeler arrested and what are the charges against him? Ample questions related to the AEW star’s arrest are swiveling on netizens’ minds. You are asked to stick with the page and go through the article till the end. Swipe down the page and take a peek below.

Cash Wheeler Arrest Update

As per the reports, the charges levied on Cash Wheeler are aggravated assault. After the arrest of the AEW star, the arraignment video of Cash Wheeler was also released on the internet. The arraignment video came out after the Orlando Police Department charged him with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm. He was booked in Circuit Court. This is the first time when AEW champion got involved in any controversy. He had a clear record before his arrest. Therefore, his arrest has led to widespread discussion about the charges against him.

Fans are concerned about his career and future. Notably, fans are speculating about his fight against The Young Bucks at All In which is all set to happen in Wembley, London. Will the FTR member be allowed to travel after his arrest? You need to go through this article to learn what the judge said during his arraignment.

Earlier, speculations about Cash Wheeler’s charges were being made but his arraignment video has cleared up things. The arraignment video depicts that Cash Wheeler did not know the other party with whom he was involved in a road rage incident. The judge announced the conclusion by saying, “All right, well, that sounds reasonable, $2500 for the bond. In addition to that, sir, you’re going to be ordered to have no contact with the victim or any other witnesses involved in the case; you’re also going to be ordered to have no weapons on or about your person. Now, that means that any weapons that you own that aren’t in the custody of law enforcement at this point are going to have to be turned in to the sheriff’s department pending the outcome in this case. And that’s to be done within 12 hours of your release. All right.” Continue reading this article for more details.

Reports have suggested that Cash Wheeler flashed his gun o scare the other party with whom he was involved in a road rage incident. Following his arrest, the Pro Wrestling World stated as an aside, as a result of this legal issue, Cash Wheeler’s home address has been leaked by fans. If we see this address posted in the comments, the person making the comment shall be banned. No word yet on if they will still be able to be at All In. However, if they are able to do so, I’m pretty sure they’d have to get special permission from the court since it’s outside the country… so I don’t think the chances look good, even if the court allows it, UK might not allow him to enter.

According to the reports, the court set bail at $2500 with the condition that he will stay away from the alleged victims and hive up all of his weapons, which is seemingly accepted by the authorities. Following his arrest in relation to a road rage incident, Cash Wheeler’s contract with the AEW has been up in the air but recently MJF came to the fore to put all the speculations to rest and assure that the FTR member Cash Wheeler will fight on August 27, 2023, at All In at Wembley Stadium. Swipe down the page and read more details.

MJF also slammed the people who were spreading incorrect details about Cash Wheeler on the internet. He praised Cash Wheeler for his character and reminded everyone that everyone is flawed. He wrote on Twitter, “Kinda disappointed how many dorks there are on this app that jump to conclusions so quick. A ton of people’s privilege is showing. We’re all human. We’re all flawed. We all make mistakes.”

MJF confirmed that fans will surely get to witness Young Bucks vs FTR on August 27 when more than 80K people will attend Wembley Stadium. However, AEW has not issued any official statement to confirm Cash Wheeler’s status in the wake of his legal troubles. Currently, AEW is monitoring the situation and the final decision will be taken later. However, Cash Wheeler pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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