Sergio Agüero is not disappointed with Messi's departure

Sergio Agüero is not disappointed with Messi's departure

After the national team, Sergio Aguero was hoping to play in the same club with Lionel Messi; But in difficult reality it was not possible. That's why Aguero doesn't feel so bad. The Argentine forward also said that his contract has nothing to do with the presence or absence of Messi in the Camp Nou.

Aguero joined Barcelona on a free transfer in July after his contract expired in Manchester City. At the time, Messi's contract with the Catalan club had expired, but he had a strong chance to stay. But due to financial difficulties and La Liga fair play, Barcelona could not hold him.

Aguero's chances of playing at the same club with Messi are over. However, Aguero is happy with his decision to join Barcelona, ​​even after his salary was reduced. He said in a recent interview with Spanish radio RAC-1 that he had no regrets.

"There is no doubt that I will join Bar্সa again if I get the chance. Many are willing to give up money just because of the name of the club. ”

"When we talked to Bar বারa, we knew about their financial situation. But I told my agent not to worry about money. I just wanted to join Bar্সa, even if it was less than City. "

Aguero said he had already talked to Messi about the overall situation. According to media reports, there was a condition in his contract that if Messi left, he would also be able to leave the team. The 33-year-old footballer said all these are baseless.

"During the Copa America, he told me, it looks like the deal is almost done, but that's it. When we returned, he told me that they were still trying to reach an agreement. But then comes that historic Thursday, when, like everyone else, I was shocked. ”

"Someone made a point that when Messi left, I also had a condition in the contract. What actually happened was that the day I was supposed to be officially introduced to the club, I was injured. And that time is a few days after Messi left. ”