Airports Ground Flights on East Coast After Thunderstorms


Several major airports across the East Coast paused flights as thunderstorms moved through the region on Wednesday night, causing hourslong delays in the region and as far away as Chicago, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The airports serve the New York, Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Much of the region was under severe thunderstorm warnings or watches until Wednesday night.

Departures to Newark, Kennedy and La Guardia airports were grounded until Thursday at 1 a.m. After the ground stops were lifted, departing flights at Newark and La Guardia were delayed by about an hour on average.

Departures to the Baltimore, Dulles and Reagan airports in the Washington area were grounded on Wednesday night. Those ground stops were lifted around midnight.

There were no ground stops at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Tampa International Airport or Teterboro Airport. But departing flights there were delayed by up to five hours on average Wednesday night, the F.A.A. said.

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