Aleem Dar set the umpiring record in most Test matches

Aleem Dar set the umpiring record in most Test matches

AleemDar has beaten West Indian legend umpire Steve Buckner in the role of umpire in most matches in Test cricket. He holds the record for umpiring the most number of catches in Test cricket. Aleem Dar made the record by umpiring in the 120th match of his career through a day-long test between Australia and New Zealand on Thursday.

Australia faces New Zealand in the first Test of the series in Perth today. Aleem Dar of Pakistan set a unique record as a field umpire. He holds the record for most umpires in Tests. Aleem Dar saw the achievement during his long 16-year career as a Test umpire.

Perth’s match is the 129th test of Aleem Dar’s field umpire. That way, he beat Steve Buckner, the former West Indies umpire. In his 20-year career, Buckner, who is known for his ‘slow death’, has umpired 128 Tests. Former South African umpire Rudy Quartzen, umpiring in the Test. He finished his 5-year career in 20 years. Among the top three umpires, Aleem Darai set the record in the shortest time.

After a decade of playing domestic cricket in Pakistan, Aleem Dar has been named as an international umpire in ODIs. He made his debut as a Test umpire after three years in Dhaka. It was Bangladesh’s first Test in the series against England at Bangabandhu Stadium.

Aleem Dar is not far behind in setting the umpiring record for the highest number of ODIs. He was the umpire in 207 ODIs during his 19-year career. He has to umpire only three ODIs to set a record. This record is now in the possession of Quartz, umpiring in 209 ODIs.