All La Liga footballers will be able to do group training

All La Liga footballers will be able to do group training

Corona was not completely eradicated from Spain. There is still a death march. Every day 200 to 300 people are Death. Although it is after overcoming the worst. The death toll in the country is also declining. That’s why the Spanish government is planning to ease the lockdown.

The Spanish government has allowed La Liga clubs to undergo group training with plans to resume the season next month.

La Liga clubs are allowed group coaching because it intends to restart the season. The Spanish government has declared that every club will have the ability to get involved in group coaching in keeping with the prescribed protocol. A maximum of 10 players may get involved in every group.

Teams from Spain’s top two divisions returned to practice this month. Although clubs are allowed to practice privately. La Liga has said it will move on to the next level following strict hygiene rules.

La Liga president Xavier Tevez has set a possible June 12 resumption of the league. However, everything depends on the overall situation in Corona, Italy.