Anthony Davis: The Lakers Biggest Priority

It’s an obvious decision for the Los Angeles Lakers to keep Anthony Davis until the end of his career. A move that will keep the Lakers at least in the playoff contention for years to come.

With all the hate Davis has received, especially during his time with the Lakers, some fans may argue it’s time to move on. However, if the Lakers don’t choose to extend Davis it will be a mistake. A mistake that can go down as one of the worst in franchise history.

Anthony Davis: The Lakers Biggest Priority

A Risk Worth Taking 

The laundry list of injuries for Davis has not been a pretty sight for fans. Even with the risks the skillsets of Davis automatically keep him in conversation as one of the best players in the league.

Davis immediately shaped the landscape for big men since his arrival into the league. The youngest player on a 2012 Olympic Gold Medal team after what many considered the most dominant college run ever for a one-year player, the impact would immediately send shockwaves across the NBA.

The four-time All NBA First Team and Defensive Team selection proved little doubt for his defensive abilities since playing at the University of Kentucky. Offense remained a key question mark. However, Davis lived up to his hype averaging 24.0 points and 1o.4 rebounds per game over his career.

Davis pairing up with LeBron James was the perfect recipe for success as the Lakers eclipsed their 16th NBA championship. With James nearing the end of his career, and the Lakers likely not keeping both, it only makes sense to keep the younger future Hall of Fame candidate.

A Trade Well Spent 

The blockbuster trade that sent Davis to the Lakers turned into immediate success. The cost for success resulted in the Lakers losing their youth and future.

The trade sent Brandon IngramJosh Hart, three future first-round picks and one additional option to swap selections has finally passed. The Pelicans remain an exciting young team with a bright future, barring anymore injuries to Zion Williamson. On the other hand, the Lakers have one championship to show for it.

If anything, the Lakers at-least avoided the headache of possibly losing Davis after giving up what seemed to be valuable pieces. All the talks quickly came to a halt as Davis signed a five-year $190 million deal to stay with the Lakers. However, he has the option to terminate his contract in 2024.

The time is now for the Lakers to truly decide what the next move should be. While fans speculate, experts weigh in and fully agree the Lakers need to extend Davis.

“I would not hesitate to offer Anthony Davis a full extension as soon as I’m able to do it. I always preface this with saying Rob Pelinka can see the whole board. So I don’t know what else he’s got working. but one thing Rob has said is he wants to keep this team together if he can” said ESPN’s John Ireland.

The Last Word On An Anthony Davis Extension 

Davis is already apart of Lakers immortality. It makes sense to reward Davis who is still just 30 years old.

A super max contract may be needed. However, with James more than likely off the books, the money will be available. Building a championship team around Davis is the next best move.

While it remains to be seen what the Lakers will do, it is obvious other teams will be watching. Will the Lakers decide to go full rebuild or will they ride it out with Davis until he calls it a career?

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