Anthony Joshua cries at the press conference

Anthony Joshua cries at the press conference

Anthony Joshua separated in tears at the question and answer session subsequent to losing his conclusive rematch with Alexander Usyk. In the wake of the bombing in his bid to recover the consolidated WBO, WBA, and IBF heavyweight titles from his Ukrainian rival, he was apparently furious in the ring after the challenge.

Talking toward the beginning of the post-battle question and answer session, the previous hero was still overwhelmed with feeling. Attempting to make sense of how he believed, he wavered as he attempted to keep down his tears, grasping his head.

"I don't feel anything," he said at first as he tried to come to terms with the loss, admitting, "I'm upset deep down in my heart."

Immediately after the fight, he threw two championship belts out of the ring, exited the arena for a moment before returning to grab the microphone, initially not giving Usyk, the champion, a chance to speak.

He explained this behavior by saying, “I was angry with myself. Not to anyone, just to myself. So I thought I should get out of here because I'm angry. Like everyone, when you're angry you do stupid things. Then I realized it was a sport. Let me do the right thing. Then I just spoke from my heart,” he concluded.

This is Joshua's third career loss and Usyk's second. The Briton's first-ever loss was to Andy Ruiz Jr. in 2019. According to many, last night's loss in Jeddah was the end of AJ's career. Usyk remains undefeated in 20 matches in the professional ring.