Apple has unveiled a new operating system iOS 14

Apple has unveiled a new operating system iOS 14

Apple’s yearly developer conference (WWDC) was lately held on the internet. Apple has made many significant statements. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the unveiling of iOS 14 at a movie listed on the Apple campus.

In the summit, the technology giant gave various details regarding the most recent operating method of iPhone, iOS 14 variant. Today’s event will show you exactly what the newest attributes are in the most recent edition of iOS – most tech researchers state that a few of the characteristics of this edition of Apple’s operating system are borrowed from Google’s functioning system Android.

Like every year, Apple has unveiled the new iPhone operating system at WWDC. A number of new features have been added to the OST called ‘iOS 14’. Criticism of the features has just begun. Some people say that Apple has copied the features from Android. Let’s take a look at the features of iOS 14.

Features of iOS 14

Customizable home screen

In the new OS, Apple has paid more attention to the home screen. This will allow users to customize the home screen to their liking. Apps installed in the iOS 14 version will be divided according to different categories. In other words, all the games in one section, social media apps will be displayed in another section.

App clips

Apple has unveiled an easy way to search and access new apps. This feature is called app clips. It will have the opportunity to use a small part of the necessary apps. It will be connected to Apple Pay. Users can download and use the full version of the app if they want. New applications can be accessed using QR.


Widget gallery customization feature has been added to iOS 14 version. As a result, widgets of any app can be added to the home page. Widget gallery can be customized to know the weather news there. If you want, you can see the weather information on the home screen.

Picture in Picture

Suppose you are watching a video on the iPhone. If it is necessary to send an emergency mail but do not want to close the video. To solve this problem, the iOS 14 version came with ‘Picture in Picture Feature’.

Group chat update

New updates have been brought to iMessage group chat. This includes pinning important conversations and mentioning others. If someone is ‘mentioned’ in the message, he will get it as a notification. Set group photos via photos or emojis, using Apple Memoji.


The app will help you easily communicate with people in different languages. It’s a lot like Google Translate. It will have the opportunity to translate only 11 languages. There is also the advantage of translation into Bengali.

Apple Maps

Apple’s own ‘Maps’ app did not have a bicycle option. It has been added in the new update. It will be more accurate to know how long it will take to get to a place if you cycle.


Apple has given the most important to their new software in privacy. Give users the opportunity to pinpoint the exact location instead of giving them the perfect location. In the App Store, users will see a summary of their privacy information before downloading the app. App developers will report on their privacy practices.

iOS 14: Release date

We have a formal i-OS 14 release-date nonetheless — Apple maintains that advice pretty near the vest. But moving by beyond i-OS releases, then you also can get your last variation of i-OS 14 to take a few periods from the autumn, roughly an identical period that Apple chooses the wraps off its own fresh I phones.

Commonly, you might imagine premature to mid-September for this date and also be reasonably exact, however, matters really are up from the atmosphere with all the i-phone 1-2 release. This autumn’s i-phone discharge is supposed to be more postponed. The optimistic analysts count on Apple to induce the i-phone 1 2 launching a few of weeks, though others believe that the delay may signify a November launch for its brand new I phones. It really is very likely any switch into this i-phone 1 2 roll-out will change if people receive yourself the last discharge for i-OS 14.