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Argentine striker Paulo Dybala of Italian club Juventus arrested for second time in coronavirus

Quarantine has become the Argentine celebrity’s striker, Paulo Dybala because he had been diagnosed with a coronavirus disease. It had been discovered a couple of days back that he had been free of taxation. Paulo Dybala along with his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini are convinced for the COVID Exam again without needing to leave 2 times.

In a meeting with the English tabloid’The Sun’, he confessed, that I have come to offer you fresh information because most are asking me about this. On the day of March, my spouse and I had been diagnosed with coronavirus within the entire body of Paulo Dybala. The results of the COVID-19 evaluation are favorable.’

Tell everybody, stay home. At least for 15 days.

Both of these spent 15 days testing. It ended up being a nightmare without needing to devote the rash of pleasure. Dybala and his girlfriend are optimistic for the next time.

Sabatini clarified the entire procedure,’Three days ago we analyzed the COVID again. The consequence of the support was adverse. But yesterday, for the next time, we had been diagnosed with coronavirus. The outcomes of this COVID evaluation have been favorable.’

Sabatini cautioned ‘I do not understand what to do when the results are either negative or positive. I think if anybody believes he’s recovered out of coronavirus, he Wants to have another health checkup to be 100 percent convinced.’ Initially, I thought we had been assaulted by Daniela Rugani, the insolvency spouse. However, this time I don’t know anything.

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