Arsenal appoint Mikel Arteta joining as our new head coach

Arsenal appoint Mikel Arteta joining as our new head coach

Former Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta has been appointed as Arsenal’s coach. What can Arsenal’s supporters expect from him as a manager? Three years ago. Mikel Arteta is now spending his last season at Arsenal as a player. A video was made of him on Arsenal’s website.

Within a moment, the player went out of the open and went into the full-time coach’s forest so that Arateta would say, ‘I would like every player to give them 120 percent in the field. This is what matters most. If a player can’t show me that responsibility, he doesn’t have to play for me anymore. Work time, work time, leisure time. When I retire, I will go out and have fun and party. But the work must be done during work. ‘

Mikel Arteta joining as our new head coach

He also explained his team’s style, ‘We have to control the whole game. Not the opponent, we will want to adjust the pace of the game. People who come to see the game don’t just come to win. They also come to enjoy the game. We have to keep that thing in mind too. ‘

But Areta was no longer like ten players. The more he looked at the game, the more he looked at the coach. Because of this, he could be seen more “than” his teammates at the practice field with the club’s video specialists, with Arsenal’s then-coach Arsenal’s assistant coach. Who kept track of every moment of themselves and their opponents. Keeps statistics. It has also been used by the iPad app on the iPad to show its coaches.

Since then everyone in the club has become aware that Arsene Wenger is not only making a player but also making a future manager. Arsenal-mates like Per Mertesacker, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Olivier Zirud have given him nicknames – ‘gaffer’, which means team coach. Wenger’s intimacy with Areta was even greater than the other players. That’s why he also had another nickname, ‘Managers Pet’, which means ‘coach.’