As Kyle Kuzma welcomes Inter Miami star Lionel Messi, fans violently mock him

Lionel Messi mania has gripped the United States and Kyle Kuzma is the latest sports star to meet the world champion. Celebrities and athletes from across the country visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a glimpse of arguably the greatest soccer player of all time.

Messi is undoubtedly taller than any other athlete in North American sport and some of the celebrities present at his games are not even aware of how tall he is. Football is the largest sport in the world with a worldwide following and viewership of more than 2 billion fans. That would be about every fourth person on earth. Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma traveled to Florida to meet Messi after Inter Miami’s comfortable 4-0 win over Charlotte FC in the League Cup quarter-finals.

Fans erupted in laughter on social media after several pointed out that Messi had no idea who Kuzma was. Unlike any other athlete in the United States, Messi is arguably one of the greatest sports personalities of all time. He is one of the most decorated players in football history and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Argentine had no idea who Kuzma is.

Since arriving in the United States, Lionel Messi has greeted celebrities and superstar athletes almost every day. It’s unlikely he knows who each person is, especially maybe someone like Kyle Kuzma, who isn’t even at the top of his sport. Let’s take a look at some fans’ reactions as Kuzma is hilariously and brutally mocked after being greeted by Lionel Messi.

Fan hints Lionel Messi doesn’t know Kuzma. Fans jokingly ask who Kyle Kuzma is. Fan hints that Kuzma isn’t a star as mentioned in the post’s caption. Fan hints Messi doesn’t know Kuzma. Fan hints Messi doesn’t know Kuzma. Fan suggests Messi doesn’t know Kuzma I don’t know, Kuzma fan says Messi doesn’t know Kuzma and is just nice. Fan says they show Messi a picture of each celebrity at the game so he can pretend to recognize them. Fans point out that Messi doesn’t know Kuzma. Fan jokes about it Messi doesn’t know Kuzma

How did Lionel Messi fare at Inter Miami?

Lionel Messi has hit the ground running at Inter Miami. He has scored in every game since scoring the winner from a free-kick in the 94th minute on his debut against Cruz Azul. Inter Miami topped the Leagues Cup group with Cruz Azul and Atlanta United and have won three more games to reach the semifinals. Messi has scored eight goals and one assist in five games for his new club.

In his last game, Messi scored in the 86th minute as Inter Miami beat Charlotte 4-0 in the quarterfinals on Friday. Messi and company take on Philadelphia next on Tuesday in a bid for a place in the League Cup final.

Meanwhile, Kuzma is just enjoying the summer. The Washington Wizards have not traded him despite repeated interest in the forward, instead acquiring Jordan Poole from Golden State. The Wizards are hoping to make the play-in tournament next season, and DC fans are excited for the pair Kuzma and Poole, both former champions.

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