Asia Cup will be at the right time: PCB

Asia Cup will be at the right time: PCB

Due to COVID-19, there are big fears about playing in the T20 World Cup this year. However, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief executive Wasim Khan on Wednesday gave the good news to cricket fans about hosting the Asia Cup., the Asia Cup will be held in Sri Lanka or the United Arab Emirates in September-October.

On paper, Pakistan is the host of the 2020 Asia Cup. However, there were rumors that India would host the Asia Cup in a country other than Pakistan.

Wasim, the chief executive of the PCB, says that this year’s Asia Cup could be in Sri Lanka or the United Arab Emirates.

Although the COVID-19 situation in most South Asian countries is unstable, the virus has not spread much in Sri Lanka. With that in mind, the island nation is thinking of hosting the Asia Cup. If that is not possible in the end, the UAE is ready, said the PCB chief executive.

The schedule for the T20 World Cup has been fixed immediately after the Asia Cup. If not, then Pakistan is thinking of making the most of that time. They can also play the remaining matches of the Pakistan Super League in that time.

Wasim said We will go on a tour of New Zealand after welcoming Zimbabwe at home in December. Then South Africa will come to play Test and T20 series in January-February. We are thinking about PSL in November.

All forms of cricket have been closed since last March due to the deadly COVID-19. But next month’s England-West Indies series is back on the field. That is why the Pakistan Cricket Board is hopeful about the Asia Cup. That is why the company gave some assurance to hold the tournament on the field today.