Barca president Laporta hints Erling Haaland move out of reach

Barca president Laporta hints Arling Holland move out of reach

Many clubs are keen to get Arling Holland, one of the best forwards of the time. Barcelona has been on that list for so long. However, considering the financial situation of the club, the president of the Catalan club Juan Laporta seems to have given up hope of buying this footballer from Norway for now.

Barcelona's economic situation has been very fragile for a long time. That's why they released the club's biggest ad, Lionel Messi, last summer. The club lost to Antoine Griezmann and a few others. According to media reports, the club's debt burden is also mountainous.

In an interview with ePort3, Laporta gave a negative answer to the question of the possibility of bringing such an 'expensive' player like Holland in the team.

"Even if our economic situation was very good, we would not do such things."

Dortmund signed Holland, who made their mark in a short span of one year at Austrian club Salzburg, in the early 2020. He scored a hat-trick in his debut match for the Bundesliga club. Since then, he has become one of the best forwards in the world.

The 21-year-old striker has been scoring great goals this season as well. In all competitions, he has scored 23 goals in 21 matches so far.

Many clubs, including Real Madrid and Manchester City, are keen to get the 21-year-old forward, according to media reports.