Barcelona are not in talks with Messi about leaving the club

Barcelona are not in talks with Messi about leaving the club

The farewell process should be smooth for both parties. His lawyers are ready to sit down with Barcelona lawyers to ensure that.

Argentine forward Messi has therefore offered to negotiate with Barcelona. So the policy makers of the Catalan club let him go. But Barcelona are not willing to negotiate with Messi about leaving the club. They therefore turned down Messi's offer. Spanish football news media reported that they had received such information from Gool sources.

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But Barca has a strong objection to sitting in talks with Messi. They will sit at the negotiating table with Messi only on one condition, the possibility of that is not there at the moment. When will Barca sit in the discussion? If Messi changes his position 180 degrees and renews his contract with them, then. Otherwise not. Barcelona still thinks Messi is a key part of new coach Ronald Koeman's plan.

Barcelona has a contract with Messi until 2021. However, the contract was that he could leave the club as a free agent at the end of the season. Barcelona claim that time ended in June. But Messi's lawyer says the condition was to leave the team for free at the end of the season. The league ended late because of Corona, so Messi still has a chance to leave the club.

If you want to solve the issue, you have to take the help of law. The case can go to court. FIFA intervention may be needed. However, Messi does not want to fight with the club. Don’t want to upset fans. That is why Messi has agreed to negotiate with the Barcelona board.

Messi was scheduled to take part in the PCR test before joining practice on Sunday. It is rumored that the Barcelona captain has decided not to take the test on the advice of his lawyers.