Barcelona is going to get a new look

Barcelona is going to get a new look

Six directors of the Barcelona club lately resigned at precisely the exact same time, asserting the collapse of club president José Maria Bartomeu.

On account of this coronavirus, just 1 month of drama was shut on account of the fiscal burden of this golf club. Thus, Messi-Suarez is carrying significantly less than 70% of his wages so the workers of the team aren’t harmed, so they can obtain their salary fully. They assert that the six board directors have stepped together on account of the collapse of President José Maria Bartomeu to conduct the club.

The team recently raised the problem of fiscal irregularities with former vice-president Emily Rosoud. In a statement, he explained, “Barcelona can’t tolerate such allegations it destroys the picture of the company.” Legal steps will be required to guard the picture of this club.

Howard Bordas was made the major team director of the Barcelona club afterward announcing the reorganization. Hawker Vilhona will probably be responsible for their’s’ group, youth group, and women’s soccer group.


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