Barcelona lost points and consolidated the La league

Barcelona lost points and consolidated the La league

Barcelona failed to retain the title with a goalless draw against Sevilla in La Liga. This is the first goalless draw between the two teams in the league since 2011 after playing faded football. Barca coach Kike Setien can breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the match, his team that did not lose the match. The Spanish champions are still top with 65 points from 30 matches.

On Friday (June 19) night, coach Setien fielded an experienced team. Lionel Messi was accompanied by Luis Suarez, an experienced forward recovering from injury. However, Antalya Griezmann is on the bench. Barcelona was ahead in the fight for possession from the beginning of the match. But they could not reap the benefits of fruit set.

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If Messi’s free-kick in the first half had not been blocked at the goal post of Sevilla, Barcelonacould have gone ahead. The Catalans, however, were most disappointed by the solid defense of Hulen Lopetegi’s disciples.

Sevilla kept the defense in the middle of the field impenetrable. They didn’t give Messi a chance to sting. On the other hand, Barcelona feared to score three goals. In the 54th to 58th minutes of the game, the German goalkeeper saved twice from Ocampos and Meniere’s shots in these three minutes.

Despite a goalless draw, both teams have been shot 15 times at goal posts. Of these, Barcelona is 9 times and Sevilla is 6 times. In the goal post, both the teams have shot the same number of times three times. Although not a goal, the number of fouls was worth mentioning. Sevilla had 19 fouls, compared to Barcelona’s 6 fouls.