Barcelona will not sign Neymar this summer, admits Bartomeu

Barcelona will not sign Neymar this summer, admits Bartomeu

There was a strong idea that Barcelona would return Neymar from PSG instead of the coming team. But the coronavirus epidemic has changed everything. The president of the Catalan club, Bartomeu, said it was "impossible" to sign the star footballer in the ongoing economic crisis due to Corona.

Barcelona is going to not be able to finish a bargain to indicate Laurato Martinez out of Inter or even Paris Saint-Germain attacker Neymar this summer season, as stated by president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Even though each player is connected using a turn into Camp Nou - at certain the Argentina Laboratory - Bartomeu has confessed the coronavirus catastrophe has placed together with the club financing to a country of doubt into the scope they cannot finish a bargain because of.

Barca lovers were expecting the line would be bolstered this summertime after appearing threadbare in every year, using Martin Braithwaite signed by Leganes as crisis pay because of a personal injury crisis in the center. Bartomeu has indicated it is merely impossible.

Barcelona is also interested in bringing back Neymar. The team did not see the light of day as they did not agree on the price despite trying several times to bring Neymar back from the PSG before last season.

It was thought that this time the team would be replaced by a Brazilian star. But the ongoing economic crisis due to the Corona epidemic is not possible, said Barcelona President Bartomeu.

The ongoing crisis has forced not only Neymar but also other players to stop buying, the Barcelona president said. He raised the issue of Inter Milan's Argentine striker Lorato Martinez in this regard.

Bartomeu said that Barcelona had lost 200 million euros between March and June this year alone due to the corona. But the income is only 30 percent. ”