Barcelona women's team won the Spanish Premier Division title with six matches in hand

Barcelona women's team won the Spanish Premier Division title

Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0 to retain the Spanish Premier League title. This is the third season in a row that the Catalan women have won the league title.

With six matches in hand, second-placed Real beat Barcelona by a clear margin of 22 points to secure the title. So far, Barcelona has won 24 matches in the league. In these matches, the women's team scored 138 goals in the opponent's net but digested only six.

Last season, Barcelona won the historic treble with wins in the League, the Champions Rig and the Copa de la Reina.

Cristiano Toro's side have already clinched the league title after taking home the Spanish Super Cup this season. Barcelona will face Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. This time two leg match is being held. Barcelona will face Real Sociedad in next week's Cup quarter-finals.

Barca will be the clear favorites in these matches in terms of performance. That is why many have put Bar্সa ahead of the rare quadruple win this time.

The home match of the Champions League against Real Madrid will be held at Camp Nou with a capacity of 99,000. Real Madrid made history by officially fielding their women's team in 2020. Gradually the team is trying to improve. Through hard work, they are bridging the gap with the established team of Barcelona little by little every day. Madrid are fifth in the league table, 29 points behind Bara.

In November, the winner of the women's Ballon d'Or, Spaniard Alexia Putelas, led Bar্সa with two goals in two minutes, five minutes before the end of the first half at the Johan Cruyff Stadium. Patri Guizaro and Jenny Hermoso added more names to the scoresheet in the second half. With this, the suicide margin of Madrid's German defender Babet Peter has increased the margin of victory of Barcelona.