Bayern's open letter to Fan ahead of UCL final against PSG

Bayern's open letter to Fan ahead of UCL final against PSG

For the second time at the club's history, Bayern Munich is on the point of winning the treble. Defeating PSG at the Champions League final will catch that success. In an open letter to fans, the German team promised to do their very best to meet the fantasy.

The 2019-20 football season was long on account of this Covid-19 epidemic. Four of Europe's best five leagues have been knocked out late, one of which is the German Bundesliga, to avoid infection. But, all of these have been at the stadium without audiences.

The regret of being from the side of the supporters in the final of the biggest platform is working in the Bayern camp. In the exact same way, certainly, the lovers are pursuing the hassle of not being able to watch such a large struggle of the favorite group sitting on the area. However, there is nothing to be completed in this unusually tough situation, true that has emerged in Bayern's letter.

The letter said,

‘Dear fans, this season is unfamiliar to all of us due to the long-running epidemic, yet we are just one win away from a treble win for the second time in the club’s history. Unfortunately our dedicated fans are unable to stay with us on the field in the Champions League final in Portugal against PSG. We miss you I will do my best to make your dream and ours a reality. '

'We know everyone from home will support us from the bottom of our hearts during the finals, no matter where we are - no matter what. Whether in Lisbon, Munich or anywhere in the world, we see our club as a family and so we are going to play this big match with your side in mind. We want to thank you for your great support. We are very close to making our 'Mission Red' a success. We can do it together.