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BDO President Des Jacklin steps down

BDO President Des Jacklin steps down

The BDO World Championship that transferred from Lakeside into Indigo in The O2 was normally regarded as a significant setback, as well as the consequences led to a decrease in prize money for gamers.

Man winner Wayne Warren acquired only # 23,000, in contrast to # 100,000 maintained by 2019 winner Glen Durrant.

This week Jacklin declared his resignation. “After several months of reflection and deliberation, I made the choice to resign my position as CEO and CEO of BDO with instant effect, ” I wish all success for my successor and BDO for its long run,” he explained in a statement.

At this time, there’s a level of doubt in the atmosphere for the BDO, and also many of its highest-profile celebrities have won PDC excursion cards this season.

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