Beryl’s Trail of Destruction So Far


Before Beryl threatened the Texas coast on Sunday, the storm caused destruction across several other countries as it made its way through the Caribbean and toward the Gulf of Mexico.

After forming in the Atlantic Ocean in late June, Beryl ripped through the Caribbean as a Category 4 hurricane before making its way toward Texas. While it has since weakened to a tropical storm, it is expected to regain strength and make landfall in Texas as a Category 1 hurricane on Monday.

The storm has left a trail of destruction starting on July 1. Here’s where Beryl has wreaked havoc so far.

  • Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Grenada: Beryl slammed into the islands as a Category 4 hurricane on July 1, destroying roughly 98 percent of the buildings, which are home to around 10,000 people, according to officials. Three people were killed.

  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Hundreds of homes, schools and churches were severely damaged after Beryl passed as a Category 4 hurricane on July 1. One person was reported dead.

  • Venezuela: While Beryl didn’t strike the country when it arrived as a Category 4 hurricane just north of it on July 1, three died from the flooding it brought to the state of Sucre.

  • Jamaica: Beryl passed along Jamaica’s southern coast as a Category 4 hurricane on July 3, bringing strong winds, heavy rain and flooding. It left two people dead and hundreds of thousands of households without power.

  • Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico: Coming in as a Category 2 hurricane on July 5, Beryl brought heavy rain to popular vacation areas in Cancún and Tulum before weakening to a tropical storm. No deaths or injuries were reported.

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