Bill Belichick on Mac Jones continuing to start: “We all need to play better”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was asked once again after Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins whether he will stick with Mac Jones as his starting quarterback. Belichick’s answer said nothing about Jones individually, and instead focused on the entire team.

“We all need to play better. We all need to coach and play better,” Belichick said.

Belichick hasn’t seemed particularly confident in Jones at any point this year, and yet Jones has remained in the starting quarterback role. Despite talk at various times this season that Bailey Zappe, Malik Cunningham or Will Grier could replace Jones, that hasn’t happened.

At 2-6, the Patriots have the worst record in the AFC, and while Jones isn’t getting the job done, there’s no real reason to think Zappe, Cunningham or Grier would do any better. In what may prove to be the worst season of his 30-year head-coaching career, Belichick is right about one thing: Everyone on the Patriots needs to play better. And Belichick needs to coach better.

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