Birmingham Stallions vs Houston Gamblers USFL Football: preview, live stream, TV Channel

Birmingham Stallions vs Houston Gamblers USFL Football Live

The Stallions have to feel good going into week 2 off a comeback win over the Generals. Once J’Mar Smith took over as quarterback for the Stallions they came alive, look for Skip Holts to move Smith up to starter. The Gamblers have a historic advantage on their side, when it comes to spring football it’s not wise to bet against Houston. The Gamblers continued an undefeated Houston teams streak that was started in 2020 with the XFL’s Houston Roughnecks. The Gambler’s defense looked like they had been together for months against the Panthers last week. Let’s see if they can keep the Stallions in the stable.

Game Details

This will be the first of two USFL South Divisional matchups in Week 2. With both teams coming off an impressive Week 1 performance look for the gridiron chess to begin! Will the Stallions bench Alex McGough in favor of Smith? Can McGough just play football this week and not blame his gloves for his mistakes? Will the Gambler’s defense get big stops against a Stallions squad that never stops fighting? Catch all the USFL action Saturday at 7 PM ET. The game will air on FS1 and can be live-streamed on Gamepass all over the world.

Stallions vs Gamblers USFL Football Live From Anywhere

The Birmingham Stallions take on the Houston Gamblers. Kickoff is set for 7 PM ET (FS1) at Protective Stadium. All the USFL action is available on GamepassTV (anywhere)

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USFL Week 1 Controversy

There’s no nice way to say it: The USFL has a kicking problem. With Generals kicker, Nick Rose missing two back-to-back field goal attempts in the inaugural game one might think it’s time for a new kicker. But each game had several missed field goal attempts and bad punts. Sideline Sports reported that chips in the footballs used in USFL games are disrupting the weight distribution and causing adverse effects for Special Teams. A simple fix might be to allow the kickers to use balls without the chips, but we will wait to see how the USFL responds.

USFL Birmingham Stallions vs Houston Gamblers Preview

In the USFL inaugural game last week the Stallions kept the points close but the Generals stayed ahead most of the game. Late in the fourth quarter, Smith punched in a 2-yard rushing touchdown leaving the Generals with no time to respond. I think this has earned Smith a start for Week 2, look for McGough to come off the bench. The Stallion’s defense was led by Demarquis Gates with 7 tackles and 1 sack. Look for him to make big stops in this game. Being a divisional matchup with playoff implications let’s watch for head coach Skip Holtz to make adjustments as needed to make sure his Stallions come out on top.

The Gamblers are looking to come up big on defense this week. In Week 1 the Gambler’s defense put on a performance that will rival the Breakers for the top defense in the league. Going scoreless in the second half the Gambler’s defense held off the Panther’s comeback attempt allowing only 12 points for a 17-12 victory. Only able to muster 98 yards between their 2 running backs the Gamblers need to establish a run game early. Let’s see if Clayton Thorson can settle down in the pocket and avoid throwing another interception. As mentioned before betting against Houston in spring football is almost taboo at this point. Let’s see if the Gambler’s Offense can put together solid scoring drives throughout the game.