Awarded Patent For A Blockchain-Based Bidding System Awarded Patent For A Blockchain-Based Bidding System has patented monetizing every Article on a Social Networking network with tokenized bidding and blockchain-based Evaluation to Ascertain a post’s Creativity has patented monetizing every article on a social networking network utilizing tokenized bidding and obstruct. One, the company behind the EOSIO protocol (EOS), was given a patent for a DLT-based bidding system for promotional vulnerability attached to renowned social networking articles. listed with the office during May 2019. Blockchain-based evaluation to ascertain a post’s creativity.

“One way that posts achieve influence is through positive community feedback. Although a user who creates content may receive personal acclaim and recognition through receiving positive feedback, those users who provide the positive feedback oftentimes receive only limited exposure.”

Patented Framework Adapts Each Every Social Media Post

The filing describes the machine as”a computer-implemented way of bidding on a place in a social networking platform” in which”a primary hash value of source content [is saved ] to a blockchain.”

While purporting to incentivize favorable comments, the system possibly monetizes each and every post generated on a social networking network for the community’s operators and content creators.

“A computer-implemented method for bidding on a post in a social media platform where a first hash value of origin content [is stored] on a blockchain.”

Patented expected to be implemented on Voice

The patent will likely be put into place on Voice,’s social networking system, exactly the exact same amount of similarities exist between the bidding system depicted as well as the institution of information about the system — with Voice writing hashes relating to current details on a Blockchain, and putting off the true post data on servers.

Throughout March, spent $100 million in cash and $50 million into the intellectual property in Voice. The investment has been meant to provide Voice using the tools to function independently of Block. One.