Boateng paid the fine after seeing the boy

Boateng paid the fine after seeing the boy

The boy was hurt in a road collision. A parent could remain at home or at this moment. Jerome Boateng couldn’t. Boateng fined his heart Bayern. His offense was to go from Munich to a different city without consent during the lockdown.

He’d gone from house disobeying the directions issued from the club. On the recommendations of the health area, the government has imposed any limitations on the movement of individuals. It’s in this context that these directions have been issued for Bayern players at the present scenario.’

Byrne didn’t inform Boeteng precisely how much cash was fined. But, it’s noted that the fine is going to be contributed to a nearby hospital.

Whilst acknowledging the attribute, Boateng says that his son’s mind wasn’t up to the information of this crash, “I know I made a mistake by not allowing the club to understand. But at the moment, I just thought of my son. His body wasn’t excellent. In case a boy asks his dad to give him a call, I’ll respond to this call any time of the day”

While the news agency AFP composed concerning the boy’s injury, the Daily Mail wrote in the UK which Boeteng himself had caused the crash. Boateng places his Mercedes automobile on the divider after viewing the magazine claim for a sick boy.