Bon Jovi has returned the ticket money

Bon Jovi has returned the ticket money

Cash should be available within this coronavirus outbreak. Bon Jovi, a favorite Marcian song celebration, is paying for concert tickets that lovers can cover the purchasing and crisis bills. They’ve canceled the summertime concert for it.

Bon Jovi’s brand new song record Bon Jovi 2020′ was likely to be published in May. Accordingly, the audio tour for the record effort is set to start in June. The concert has been scheduled to start on June 10 at Washington and finish on July 26 at Madison Square Garden, New York. Fans purchased or reserved tickets for these concerts beforehand. Bon Jovi canceled the concerts because of a coronavirus disease.

In an announcement to Rolling Stone, Bon Jovi said, “We’re with the lovers all of the time in this challenging time, they had been with us all of the time. If everything goes back to normal, we’ll be together again. We’ll always notify everyone about our information.

The concert at Bon Jovi was unique in several respects. But following the outbreak of this coronavirus, many stock traders didn’t need to reunite the concert tickets. But following the telephone of Bon Jovi, most of the sellers will be compelled to refund the ticket money.

On the afternoon of Corona, Bon Jovi played a huge role just by returning the improvement money of this ticket? People who have come to mind such queries, they will need to understand yet another bit of advice. People who will eat with all the cash, make money for the poor there, and the hungry will be fed into the money. In this time period, the artist himself is functioning in that restaurant 5 days every week. In the JBJ Soul Kitchen in Red Bank area, food has been delivered to the sufferers of Corona. Many more have linked him.