Boxer brawl on red carpet: Wardley gets his face smashed in

Boxer Fabio Wardley suffered a cut on his face after a violent fight with members of David Adeleye‘s team.

The two heavyweights were in London to attend the presentation to the media of the bout between Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) on October 28.

After some provocations between Wardley and Adeleye‘s teams, the brawl broke out.

In the brawl, Wardley ended up on the floor bloodied (he suffered a cut in his left eye) after receiving a brutal punch.

Fabio Wardley and David Adeleye, who already clashed a few months ago in another press conference, will also face each other in Saudi Arabia on the same night with Fury vs Ngannou as the main fight.

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