Breaking: Juventus Dybala has tested positive for the coronavirus

Juventus defender Daniel Rugani’s coronavirus had been reported two weeks ago as Siri A’s initial player. Ever since that time, there were worries that more players out of Juventus could have been assaulted. In the long run, he worries about the facts! This moment, coronavirus was influenced by the current feeling Paolo Dybala! Yet, nothing has been supported by the club up to now.

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Juventus started the practice of legislation to keep everybody in the party different from the information of Rougani. All players voluntarily went to Quarantine. Cristiano Ronaldo can be in Quarantine at Madeira. According to the club, the Indians have delivered a total of 120 players, such as club players, supervisors and other employees, to Isolation. Although trainer Maurizio Suri didn’t take him down the area. Then all of the players in the group came in touch. Miralem Pianich, among those members of this party, uploaded an image of the party in the dressing area.

It’s to be said that the deadly coronavirus, that has spread globally, has made a dire position in Italy. For this, the death toll from the nation has climbed to 1,000. In the previous 24 hours, the next 2,126 individuals are infected with the brand new Covid-1 virus. The whole amount of individuals affected is 5,8. And as part of a warning to reduce coronavirus disease, the Italian government has suspended all of the sports events, such as Siri A, before April 7.

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