British man Malcolm MacDonald grows the new penis

British man Malcolm MacDonald grows the new penis

Malcolm MacDonald loses genitals due to blood infection. He is currently the first person in the world whose genitals have been reconstructed. This process has been going on for four years. However, for various reasons, it has not been completed yet.

Malcolm MacDonald told The Sun how the horrific infection spread to his groin, leaving him without his appendage in 2014.

In 2014, he had an infection in his perineum. Then sepsis occurs. Her hands, toes, and genitals turned black. At one point the infection took such a horrible look that her genitals had to be cut off.

MacDonald became intoxicated and stopped associating with people. He says, for two years, the shadow of a man has been circling behind him.

During this time, David Ralph Malcolm, a professor at University College Hospital in London, sought out a genital specialist. He made the bionic penis of a man born without genitals. Ralph also told him that a genital could be made in his arm. This may take two years. That's when Malcolm agrees and decides to have sex with her genitals.

The National Health Service in England gave him 50,000 Pound. But due to the corona lockdown, the day of the surgery became uncertain. But finally, the surgery was done, Malcolm said, he got all the Christmas joys together. Malcolm was very proud to see the genitals in his arms for the first time.

The whole process has been completed with so much difficulty, that in the end, it did not seem a bit strange, it has become a part of the body. Surgeons took part in Malcolm's blood vessels and nerves to form his genitals. The skin is taken from the right hand. The urethra is made and two tubes are placed with the hand pump.

Although this process started four years ago, it has not been completed yet due to various reasons.