Broadcasting of IPL is banned in Afghanistan

Broadcasting of IPL is banned in Afghanistan

The Taliban have banned Indian Premier League (IPL) TV broadcasts in Afghanistan from running in the United Arab Emirates.

Ibrahim Momand, media manager and journalist of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, tweeted the news. The reason given for the ban was that the cheerleaders danced and the short-sighted female spectators in the gallery were against Islamic customs.

Twenty years after all foreign powers withdrew their troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban organized a match in support of cricket in Kabul. But last week, Ahmed Rustamzai, director general of Afghanistan Sports, ignored questions about women's cricket. The burden of decision was shifted to the top leaders.

A few days ago, a top Taliban leader spoke on TV about the disadvantages of women's sports. Cricket Australia then threatened to cancel the historic Test match between the two countries in November if women's cricket was stopped.

If women's cricket is stopped, Afghanistan's Test status will also be in crisis. According to ICC rules, it is mandatory for the country to have a women's team after playing every Test.

The Afghan Cricket Board has since pleaded not to punish Cricket Australia. Azizullah Fazil, chairman of the Afghan Cricket Board, told SBS Radio Pasto that they were optimistic that the women's team would play cricket.