Canelo Alvarez reveals Jermell Charlo's 'biggest' weapon a few weeks from the fight

Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo is only a few weeks away and according to Canelo, he already knows what Charlo’s ‘biggest’ weapons the Louisianan fighter will try to use against him.

Much has been said about the physical changes that Charlo has had to endure specifically the speculation about Charlo’s weight change, however, Canelo claims he is ready to fight him.

During an interview for the promotion of the fight, Canelo breaks down what Charlo might use against him, however, he mentioned that he is used to fighting many styles, as he’s been fighting since he was 15 years old.

In the video, Canelo says “His Biggest weapon is everything, He can hit, he can take a punch, he can move too, and he’s tall; I think he has everything, but I’m used to fighting every style, and I’m ready!

Canelo’s revelation about the end of his career

Both fighters began promoting the fight with a series of media events where they spoke to the press. During one of them, Canelo revealed something that although no one was thinking about it, did puzzle the boxing world.

When will Canelo retire? Is retirement looming over Canelo? He responded directly as his body has endured many hits during his boxing career.

“I think I at least have four more years in me, maybe five. I’ve been a professional boxer since I was 15 years of age. That is almost 18 years of fighting professionally. I always said I would retire when I was 36 or 37, around that age. That should be more than enough, it’s so many years of boxing. By then, I will have accomplished many things and then I will have to enjoy life with the family and all.”

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