Canelo Alvarez shares his thoughts about the Terence Crawford fight: “He just won one big fight!”

The Canelo Alvarez vs. Terence Crawford fight would definitely attract a lot of attention and would be a great event for the boxing world, so the arrangement would seem imminent. However, Canelo Alvarez, the current undisputed champion in the super middleweight division, considers that he is still a step above ‘Bud’, despite the impressive demonstration he gave just a few weeks ago, destroying Errol Spence.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Canelo said that Crawford “is a great fighter,” with the caveat that only Spence is a big name on the fighter’s world card.

Canelo added, “As I always said, I respect Crawford. He’s a very talented fighter, but he just won one big fight. If you look at his record, he just beat a good fighter, like Errol Spence. Other than that, I don’t think he’s beaten any other great fighters. He did a very good job against Spence, he made him look very easy, but I already knew that Terence Crawford is a great fighter.”

When could Canelo and Terence Crawford face each other?

Canelo acknowledged that it is possible to arrange a fight against Bud, once he gets over the fight he has on the door for next September 30 against Jermell Charlo in Las Vegas, although he warned that the weight difference between the two could be a complication.

“In boxing, you never know, and we’ll see in the future. Right now, I’m 100 percent focused on Jermell, but we’ll see in the future, if the fight makes sense, why not?,” said Canelo.

He added: “I respect Crawford, he’s a great fighter. I always say it, I won’t disrespect him, but it’s a little crazy that people criticize me for facing a fighter who is supposed to be smaller like (Jermell) Charlo, and now everyone is asking me if I’m going to fight (Terence) Crawford, a 147-pound fighter, who is even smaller than Charlo.”

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