Champions League Matchday 4 Roundup

Champions League Matchday 4 Roundup

The he 2021-22 UEFA Champions League group stage matchday 4 is complete. The Round of 16 is drawing closer and several clubs have secured a spot in the next round. A few clubs are out of contention as far as the Champions League Round of 16 goes. For some, there’s still a possible move to the Europa League knockout round, meaning there’s still some hope.

Several clubs for the most part have their group secured, but it won’t be fully confirmed until the group stage is officially complete. For those clubs, all they have to do is win their final two to maintain a perfect finish in the group stage. Group winners may be official as early as November 24th

Liverpool, Ajax, Bayern Munich, and Juventus Are In The Round 16

All four clubs are a perfect 4-0 in their group stage campaigns and sit on top of their groups. Bayern Munich and Ajax are both six points ahead of the second-place spot of their group. Liverpool is seven points clear in Group B and Juventus is three points ahead of second-place Chelsea in Group H. Juventus will play Chelsea on the 23rd of this month. Juventus won the first meeting and winning the next encounter will allow them to win the group. In addition, Liverpool, Ajax, and Bayern Munich winning their next match ought to be enough for them to be declared winners of their respective groups.

Groups A, D, and F Are Still Up For Grabs

Manchester City is now on top of Group A thanks to a 4-1 at home against Club Brugge and Paris Saint-Germain being held to a 2-2 draw against RB Leipzig. There’s only a one-point difference between the two clubs. Later this month, both clubs will play their second match in Manchester. In PSG’s case, they have to win to keep their hopes of winning the group alive. If Manchester City manages to beat PSG, they will definitely win the group.

Real Madrid is currently on top of Group D with nine points. Inter Milan trails them by only two points. The second meeting between the two clubs takes place on December 7th. Real Madrid won the first meeting in Milan and have their sights set on winning the second encounter at home. Next month’s meeting is more than likely to decide which one of the two clubs will win the group. Los Blancos would love nothing more than to secure the group at home. From the looks of it, it may come down to this match to decide who wins Group D.

Manchester United and Villareal are tied with seven points each in Group F. The only reason the Red Devils are on top is goal differential. Man U is coming off a hard-fought 2-2 draw against Atalanta on the road. Villareal and Man U had their first encounter in September with Man U taking the win. The second encounter takes place this month on the 23rd. The Red Devils are determined to win the group and the way to do it is to win their remaining games. A loss and/or a draw not only prevents a top finish but may result in relegation to the Europa League. In Man U’s case, they cannot settle for anything but a win.