Checo Perez receives FIA sanction after collision with Alex Albon in Singapore

After Checo Perez finished eighth in the Singapore Grand Prix, he was immediately called by the stewards to explain the two incidents he had with Williams driver Alex Albon.

After verifying what happened, Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) decided to sanction the Mexican driver with five seconds and a penalty on his licence.

Perez didn’t lose place in Singapore GP

In a press release, the FIA describes the events involving the two drivers in question. The governing body determined that five seconds would be removed as a penalty to the Mexican, who would also lose a penalty point on his license.

This means that Perez‘s eighth-place finish won’t be affected, as he was 18 seconds ahead of his closest challenger, rookie Liam Lawson

Regarding the license, it has to be noted that 12 penalty points have to be added for any driver to be excluded from driving in a Grand Prix.

FIA press release on the Checo Perez vs Alex Albon incident

“During the VSC period, car 23, which was leaving the pits, and car 11, which was on track, arrived at SC2 at the same time,” the statement read.

“The timing system could not determine that there was any difference in their respective arrival times at SC2. The video evidence was inconclusive when combined with an examination of SC/VSC delta times.

“Each of the team representatives believed that as no definitive information was available at the time, no further action should be taken, and the stewards agreed.

“Competitors are reminded that they have the right to appeal certain decisions of the stewards, in accordance with Article 15 of the FIA International Sporting Code and Chapter 4 of the FIA Sporting and Judicial Rules, within the applicable time limits”.

Sergio Perez vs Alex Albon, different views on the collision

After the race, Albon was the most affected by the collision he had in the Marina Bay race with the Mexican, as he was about to score points.

“We did the race perfectly. I was running P9, was about to overtake Liam for P8, then I got dive-bombed by Checo into Turn 13,” Albon recalled.

“He T-boned me and I went straight on into the wall, I had to reverse out, I dropped to 13th and I finished 11th so we should have scored points today and we didn’t.”

Perez claimed in the press area that it was actually Albon who was slow to see his car, and therefore could not avoid the collision.

“In the Virtual Safety Car, Alex Albon was practically in front, we were even and he kept his position, I didn’t gain anything,” Perez claimed.

“Then in the incident with Alex in turn 13 I went down the inside, I had the corner, he saw me I think a bit late, and when he saw me… I think there was a contact.”

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