Cheltenham Festival: soft ground is expected on Tuesday; Coronavirus measures in place

Cheltenham Festival: soft ground is expected on Tuesday; Coronavirus measures in place

The Cheltenham Festival commences on Tuesday along with also the earth is predicted to become better compared to soft to its Champion Hurdle picture.

Training course secretary Simon Claisse anticipates that it rains in Gloucestershire on Monday night time, apparently ruling out the probability of”very good,quot; emerging anyplace inside the explanation to get its firstly those four exceptionally likely 7 racecards.

Claisse compensated tribute to Cheltenham’s floor employees due to their job through the duration of summertime months, indicating Sky athletics information out of a couple of tough months which, recently, have found locals areas suffer catastrophic spans of the flood.

He explained:”It’s been hard along with our notions have now been with people folks bombarded all through the nation and at the area. Broadly speaking, at Prestbury Parkwe now have needed somewhat of chance with this weather, so we’ve rained alot ever since that time.” We commenced competing to the next weekend of oct.

“On the second day, we were on soft ground and we have been soft until the end of January. But we have had some drier interludes in recent weeks that have helped us prepare the track.”

“What I always remind people is that the courses we are running during the next four days, apart from where they cross, we have not run for 12 months and that is in our favor. It has not been so cold this winter, so we have grown a lot of grass.

“The teams have done a wonderful job preparing the courses to make them look what they look like. We are currently soft on the Old Course that we started tomorrow, with a forecast of rain during the night. After the rain we expect tonight, in general , the rest of the week is mostly dry with only a few rains and, hopefully, rising temperatures.

“I have been saying for the past two years that we have had the two wettest festivals in the last 36 years. We were hoping not to have the third wettest in the last 37 and things have been marginally better than in 2019 and 2018.”

Precautions to combat coronavirus

In addition to the weather, Cheltenham officials have had to consider the threat of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and possibly have to suspend the meeting or the race without any spectators.

These threats have been eliminated and Ian Renton, regional director of the Jockey Club for Cheltenham and the Southwest, added: “We have been working very closely with the Government over the past few weeks and have been very helpful in keeping us informed.

“We heard the Secretary of Culture this morning confirm that they want business to continue as usual in this country and that includes holding important events like this.”

“We have a number of additional precautions, which include hand sanitizers, increasing the amount of toilets and sinks, and making sure we have enough water and soap to last all day, as well as writing to all of our race attendees asking them to follow government guidelines. ”

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